You matter. You are here for a reason.

You matter.

You are here for a reason.

Maybe you have a clear idea what that reason is. Maybe it’s a thought that seems to be at the periphery, so close but not quite in your line of vision yet. Maybe you’re not sure what that reason is – or maybe fear or some internal resistance is getting in the way of you truly figuring it out.

Whatever the case may be, you are here for a reason, a purpose that is uniquely and specially yours.

As someone who doesn’t believe in coincidences, I believe that G-d has put each of us – you included –  here and now for a reason.

Throughout the history of the world, with people living in all parts of the globe, you were now in your corner of the world. You are a unique combination of your strengths, celebrations, challenges, struggles, tears shed, laughter, experiences, family, interests and more.

There are billions of people in this world, but nobody else with YOUR unique make-up – both in terms of your DNA and the package and experiences that make up you and your life.

Every single item in this world is here for a reason, some seemingly mundane, some seemingly glorious. Every tree, every drop of water, every molecule of air, every star in the sky, every sunrise, every sunset, every gust of wind are important pieces of the puzzle that is this world, this life. If this is true for inanimate objects, how much more is this true for human beings, who have both a heart and a soul. How much more so for people who can feel deeply and shine their love and light on the world around them.

This reason can show up differently for different people, and while sometimes people know from their childhood what their purpose is, for many others it involves a much longer process full of twists and turns. It is important to remember, though, that even those seeming detours are part of the process.

The tale of how I ended up here is too long for this article (You can find out more at, but let’s just say it involves many moments that did not go according to plan, moments of unexpected personal discovery, many tears shed mostly behind closed doors, letting go – with difficulty – of how I had expected and hoped things would be to thankfully open myself more and more to what could yet be, and perhaps to what had been intended for me by G-d for my highest good all along, even when I couldn’t see it.

Over the years, however, I have come to realize that not only were the unexpected detours along the way not a punishment or indication of there being something deeply wrong with me, they were actually a key part of the process all along, there to help me grow and learn lessons that I am now so passionate about sharing with others.

And just like my combination of passions, interests, lessons learned, celebrations, challenges, choices, etc. have made me the person I am today, your combination make you the gloriously wonderful you.

And you matter and are here for your own beautiful, shining reasons.

To love your family.

To grow in your faith.

To help ease the pain of others. To bring them joy.

To be a shining example and add your brilliant light to the world.

To share the lessons you have learned from a life full of both celebrations and challenges, of both love and struggle.

To help other people see the value and worth within.

To live with and share your love in a world that can sometimes seem so dark.

To share a warm smile and light up someone’s day.

To offer a listening ear full of compassion and true empathy.

To show others that they don’t have to be perfect to be valuable and worthy.

To lighten someone’s load.

To make someone feel seen, heard and less alone.

To show others how much they matter to you.

To connect to your soul and help others do the same.

To be the best you.

And, most likely, some amazingly beautiful combination of many of the above – and more!

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  • Elizabeth… Wow. What you wrote is so amazing, and so meaningful to me, and so gushing over with compassion and wisdom and kindness. What a great reminder, and bolstering of awareness of each person’s uniqueness and indescribable worth, the value in the journey, not despite, but specificially with all of the twists, turns, and challenges… and the ways we can then turn around and with understanding, value and really be there for others.

    Thank G-d, you do this so absolutely awesomely, with so much love, and honesty. You do this with tremendous courage and strength, brilliance, clarity, and thoughtfulness, in your writing and in how you live and *are*… you do all this with such amazing humility and tenderness and sweetness. And with real *strength* you are able to distill and express this powerful light… softly, and and with a gentle voice – such an awesome loving light.

    Thank G-d for *you*!