The More to Me than Anxiety Workbook

This 18-worksheet guide in pdf (electronic) format will provide you with deep questions for personal reflection to help you start dreaming big, identify & appreciate your strengths, see where anxiety is holding you back and recognize how they way you think affects what you see and how you feel.

This workbook will increase awareness so that even when someone will feel the familiar tugs of anxiety and negative thinking, she will be better equipped to stop that pattern before being pulled more deeply into the spiral.

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Click the image below to see a sample worksheet:

Workbook cover


Table of Contents:

Day 1: What would you like to achieve through the More to Me than Anxiety workbook?

Day 2: Where are you now?

Day 3: What uplifts you?

Day 4: What is your why?

Day 5: What would you like your life to be like 3 years from today?

Day 6: What is getting in your way?

Day 7: Getting creative with your fear and limiting beliefs

Day 8: Identifying and understanding those fears and self-doubts

Day 9: What are your strengths?

Day 10: What benefits does anxiety bring you?

Day 11: The power of words and body language

Day 12: The power of perspective

Day 13: The need for certainty & control

Day 14: It isn’t all or nothing

Day 15: Perfectionism

Day 16: Victim mentality vs. personal responsibility

Day 17: Don’t think about pink elephants

Day 18: Putting it all into action

To purchase this workbook now, please click here.