Welcome to 2017 – and my wish for you

Imagine a ball of light so powerful, it is infinitely brighter and stronger than the sun.

This light illuminates the entire world, its rays reaching even into the deepest and darkest parts of the earth.

The light shines on every single person, though not everyone will always see or feel it.

The light sometimes seems so bright and sometimes as dim as the dimmest candlelight, maybe even sometimes so dim we don’t see it, but, even then, the light is still there.

The light shines in rays, like the sun breaking through the clouds, surrounding you in hope and possibility.

With this source of power, anything is possible.

With this source, the darkness is illuminated.

This source, this power is G-d. It’s His love and His mercy, His power and strength.

The rays are like His love wrapped around us every day, including now as we enter a new year and a blank canvas.

The backdrop is fresh and new, and it is up to each of us to do our parts in the creation of the intricate, beautiful and exquisite masterpiece.

May you stop hiding behind the doubts and questions about your self-worth and value to recognize your gifts and strengths and the contributions that you are uniquely suited to bring to the world.

May you recognize that even when you stumble and cry tears of frustration, you are not alone.

May the incessant voice of self-doubt be replaced by a voice of encouragement and hope.

May you put in your best efforts and have faith that all will unfold as it should, when it should.

May you pull back the mask that you have used to hide your true self, seeing that there are people who will love you just as you are.

May you see that though you, like everyone, has room for improvement and that this is a journey of a lifetime, you are so worthy of love right now.

May you set your own standards of success, choosing to live a life of meaning and fulfillment instead of striving to live a life that is successful in the eyes of others but not your own.

May you live a life where you can look yourself in the mirror and not be crushed beneath the voice of a conscience that won’t let you rest.

May you shine your light brightly and lovingly.

May you see the Divine Hand in your life and know that though it may sometimes seem like all is a random coincidence that that we are just leaves blown in the wind, there is a purpose behind it all, behind the joy and the sadness, behind the success and the stumbles, behind the laughter and the tears. It is not in vain. None of it is in vain.

May this be the year where you choose to truly start living from a place deep within.

May this be a year where you challenge yourself to be your best.

May you learn the lessons of your past, being uplifted and not weighed down by them.

May you choose faith over fear and surround yourself with people who do the same.

May this year be a blessing.


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