Scattered reflections for the day

Foundation. Core. Starting point. Strengthening that place within.

Conflicting thoughts and emotions. Seeing things with new eyes.

Feeling other people’s pain. Connecting from a place of love. A heart burst wide open, so scary. So grateful for the depth of feeling.

Priorities. Strength. Fear. Doubts. Anxiety. Inspiration. Encouragement. Laughter. Tears. Dreams. Hopes. Ambitions.

Living from a place of faith. Thoughts clouded by fears and anxiety. Sometimes it feels like two steps forward, one step back, three sideways.

Starting fresh. Feeling stuck to the past. Breaking free. Breaking through.

Loving more than we ever thought possible.

Feeling more deeply than we ever imagined we would.

So grateful.

Praying for a moment where we could just breathe. Just be. Catch our breaths. So grateful that G-d has so much faith in us. For a moment sort of wishing that maybe He might just have a little bit less, enough for us to get our feet under us.

Doing our best, yet feeling like it’s nowhere near good enough. Doing our best, wishing people would at least recognize or acknowledge that instead of focusing on where we’ve fallen short, made mistakes, handled things differently than they would have.

Being tempted to not bother putting in so much effort, at some moments any effort at all. Feeling the anxiety tightening around our hearts and minds.

Wanting to be the best version of ourselves. Scared of what that means. Scared that getting there even once or for a few moments will make us feel like we’ll always have to live up to it, scared we won’t be able to, scared part of us won’t want to.

Wanting people to recognize our strengths. Discomfort in being the centre of attention.

Reaching for the stars. Keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

Conflicting thoughts and emotions that make us feel like we can hardly hear ourselves think.

Trying so hard, too hard.

Knowing we’re here for a reason. Scared to fully embrace it. Unsure what ‘fully embrace it’ really means.

Moving forward, step by step. Recognizing how far we’ve come, even if/when it doesn’t ‘compare’ to where others are. Wondering why we’re comparing in the first place. Knowing each person’s strengths, talents, challenges, path, hopes are different.

Determined to measure success on our own terms. Realizing the only person to compare myself to is – me. The me I was yesterday. The me I was last month, last year, ten years ago.

Recognizing what we’ve learned along the way. How much growth we’ve thankfully experienced – and G-d willing will continue to.

Listening to that inner voice. Praying. Seeking guidance. Allowing ourselves to listen within, striving to connect with G-d Above.

Starting fresh with this new year, this day after Yom Kippur. The day after our past mistakes and sins were hopefully cleaned away.

Purified. Sanctified. Fresh start. New beginning. Clean canvas we can use to make a beautiful masterpiece.

Scattered thoughts. Open heart. Reaching towards heaven. Connecting to our souls.

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