Do you overthink so much that you can’t enjoy the here and now?

In reality, when can we truly live?

The past is done. Yes, we can learn from it, and we are meant to. But no matter how much we learn from it, we cannot go back in time to redo it.

The future isn’t here yet, and yes we can plan for it, but it is still and will always be just beyond the grasp of our fingertips.

When can we live? When can truly experience every sound and sight? When can we make a different choice or a renewed commitment? When can we reach out and touch a heart?

Right now.

In theory, at least.

In reality, if you are an overthinker like me, the present can easily get lost in all the thinking about things we have done in the past that we wish we could have done differently, things we said that maybe we feel we shouldn’t have, things we didn’t say that now maybe we wish we have. We dwell on choices made and roads not taken. We feel the painful pang of all the time going by, wondering what we have to show for it, maybe feeling like we’ve wasted so much time or that we’re so far gone what’s the point or feeling shame for things that strike us deep to our core.

And the present can also get lost in our fears of the uncertain future, worrying about how things will work out over time, not knowing how things will turn out and catastrophizing as we envision so much of what we least want coming to fruition. And going down this dark road of trying to control something we were never meant to control leaves us feeling frightened, alone, confused, lost.

And the only moment we can really do anything about right now – this moment – is spent berating ourselves for our past choices and actions and worrying about a future we cannot control.

Sounds like a recipe for inner turmoil, pain, sadness and tears.

Trust me, I know what overthinking is like.

I remember moments from years ago where I did something ‘wrong’ and there’s often at least a trace element that continues to haunt me today.

I worry about the future, trying my best to achieve some sort of certainty where none can ever exist.

I work to build my faith in G-d that all has unfolded and will continue to unfold as it should – and then I feel guilty when I have moments of doubt anyhow.

I overanalyze and overthink, and it leaves me exhausted, and I find myself needing some way to connect more deeply to that true, soulful place within.

For me, getting out into nature, like in local parks or somewhere more remote, can help so much.

Hearing the birds chirping.

Feeling the breeze on my face.

Seeing the green of the trees set against the backdrop of the blue sky and sunlight.

Watching and listening to the roar of the waves highlighting G-d’s majesty and reminding me that I am but one small but key part in a much bigger picture, a much-needed shift in perspective.

What can you do to refocus on the present when you are tempted to go down the road paved with overthinking, fear and doubt?

What can you do to refocus on the beauty and the light in your day-to-day life?


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