Beyond what the eyes can see

Much of our lives revolve around what we can see and touch. If it is visible with our eyes, if we can feel it with our hands, it is real. If it isn’t, then there is much more room for doubt and questioning. Love. Faith. Spiritual or emotional connection. Desire. Passion. The power and soul …read more

Motorcycle Days

There are days when we are happy to do what we always do, and there is a great blessing and gift in having a routine and living the day-to-day. And there are days that I will call ‘motorcycle days’ after the term popped into my head this morning. There are days when we can smile …read more

You matter. You are here for a reason.

You matter. You are here for a reason. Maybe you have a clear idea what that reason is. Maybe it’s a thought that seems to be at the periphery, so close but not quite in your line of vision yet. Maybe you’re not sure what that reason is – or maybe fear or some internal …read more

Do you listen to the whisper of your soul?

There are days when, in the quiet, you can hear a gentle whisper rising from your soul. We often drown this voice out. Sometimes, the voice is so quiet we barely hear it and the day-to-day hustle and bustle is enough to overpower it. Sometimes the cry in our soul is so strong it feels …read more

Welcome to 2017 – and my wish for you

Imagine a ball of light so powerful, it is infinitely brighter and stronger than the sun. This light illuminates the entire world, its rays reaching even into the deepest and darkest parts of the earth. The light shines on every single person, though not everyone will always see or feel it. The light sometimes seems …read more