Scattered reflections for the day

Foundation. Core. Starting point. Strengthening that place within. Conflicting thoughts and emotions. Seeing things with new eyes. Feeling other people’s pain. Connecting from a place of love. A heart burst wide open, so scary. So grateful for the depth of feeling. Priorities. Strength. Fear. Doubts. Anxiety. Inspiration. Encouragement. Laughter. Tears. Dreams. Hopes. Ambitions. Living from …read more

Change can be excruciating

There are times in our lives when we need to make a change. Sometimes these changes will be small, baby steps. While these may help carry us forward and may be monumental in their own right, each act requires a relatively small amount of effort on our part. And then there are times when the …read more

Light in the darkness

One doesn’t have to look far to be surrounded by visions and sounds of fear, pain, doubt and uncertainty. Watching the news or even just looking at the front page of a newspaper or headline on an online news site can easily make us feel like there is no point in bothering at all to …read more

Welcome to 2017 – and my wish for you

Imagine a ball of light so powerful, it is infinitely brighter and stronger than the sun. This light illuminates the entire world, its rays reaching even into the deepest and darkest parts of the earth. The light shines on every single person, though not everyone will always see or feel it. The light sometimes seems …read more

Forget resolutions. Try this instead.

The beginning of a new year has traditionally been a time where many people set resolutions. Lose weight. Exercise more. Stop one bad habit or another. Start a good habit. Some people start the new year full of excitement and thoughts that this time will be different, and, for some, it is. For many of …read more