Beyond what the eyes can see

Much of our lives revolve around what we can see and touch. If it is visible with our eyes, if we can feel it with our hands, it is real. If it isn’t, then there is much more room for doubt and questioning.

Love. Faith. Spiritual or emotional connection. Desire. Passion. The power and soul of beautiful music. Intuition.

Powerful words all.

And all words that convey feelings, moments and experienced that cannot easily be made concrete. Yes, they can be shown in action, but the actions themselves are mere shadows of the enormity, power and fire inherent in each of them.

Does the fact that they cannot be seen mean that they are not real?

Perhaps, at the deepest and most soulful level, they are in fact the most real of all.

Trees can be uprooted in the wind.

Houses can be flattened in the fury of a tornado.

Technology comes today and is outdated tomorrow.

Clothes fray with time.

Even fear can dissipate behind the objective light of absolute truth.

Human understanding is by its very nature limited.

And even what we see is just a small fraction of what there is to see. Our human vision is limited by its very nature. We often see what we expect to see, sometimes missing the seemingly ‘obvious’ if it either doesn’t match with what our minds are programmed to see or if we are so focused on looking for something else.

I remember seeing a video a number of years ago that asks the viewers to count the number of times a ball is passed between the participants in white tops. And then, after counting, the video asks, ‘How many of you saw the gorilla?’

My first thought, ‘What? Gorilla? I didn’t see a gorilla! And there’s no way I could have missed that.’ And even when they showed the video again with the gorilla front and centre, even doing a dance, I had to go back and watch the original video in case they had just made it up and added the gorilla in a second video. No way I could have been that focused on counting the number of passes that I would miss a gorilla! Right?


There it was, right there, and I had completely missed it because I was distracted, focusing elsewhere.

And then there are those things we start seeing, as if by magic, once they’re brought to our attention. They had been there all along, but we weren’t attuned to them.

What is real then, if what we see with our eyes can be so ephemeral and fleeting? If it can be so affected by the thoughts in our minds that we can be almost blind to what is right in front of us? What is truly REAL?

G-d. A Higher Power that runs the world in a way that is beyond human comprehension.

A Truth, an absolute Truth, that is the foundation of the world in which we live, even when we, in our human state, cannot fully see, grasp or comprehend even the smallest, minutest percentage of it.

Faith that we are not all there is, this time and space is not all there is.

Faith that we are not blindly floundering without something to cling to.

Love that binds the hearts and souls of all beings. A desire to be connected, to feel more as one and less alone, lonely and isolated.

The both haunting and beautiful power of music that can touch the heart and soul in the deepest, most meaningful way.

The reflection of the moon and stars over a lake on a clear summer’s night, reminding us that just as we stand under the sky and look out at the water, so did millions of people all over the world and over the centuries.

Connection that may simultaneously lift our spirits and help us feel grounded.

Dreams, passion and commitment that inspire us to keep growing, becoming who and what we are truly capable of, even in those moments when we are tempted to give up or feel like we are forever destined to fall short.

The inner knowing that can sometimes seemingly defy logic or objective measures, that can outweigh the most comprehensive and thorough list of pros and cons.

Commitment to our values that serve as an anchor, foundation and starting point for everything else.

Belief in each other and ourselves.

Seeing the worth, value and inner beauty within ourselves and the people around us. Helping them see the amazing wondrousness within themselves.

Soul connections and experiences, times when we might be able to, even for a moment, transcend the here and now and feel something much deeper, much truer, much longer lasting.

Just to name a few.

How would you define real? What is true for you, beyond what your eyes can see?

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