An invitation for a little extra inspiration

Music is powerful.

Whether it’s the lyrics that inspire or motivate, the beat and rhythm that uplift us and get us moving, or the combination that touches the soul in a way we can’t describe, a good song can often be just what we need.

I know for me, music can cheer me up. It can encourage me to take that chance. It can get the blood pumping and wake me up. It can calm me down or help me focus. It can provide me with perspective when I need it the most.

Music can reach into our hearts and remind us that we are beautiful. We are strong. We are here for a reason. We matter and make a difference. We are worthy and valuable and shine light and love into the world.

Music can often share these messages in ways that are beyond words.

For this reason, I am so delighted to invite you to join me for 8 Days of Inspiration, 8 days of emails with links to inspirational songs that have touched me and that I hope will touch you as well.

Each email will also include reflection questions to help internalize the message.

To join, please sign up at

No charge, no nothing except for shared inspiration and spreading some more light in the world, both inside and out.

Looking forward to inspiring each other!



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