I had a plan for my life

Build a career in marketing.

Get married by 25.

The mother of two by 30.

More children along the way, as many as my husband and I would be blessed with.

Fast forward to now.

As I approach 40, I look back at the past 20 years and see a marketing career that started to leave me feeling empty inside. A biological clock that ticks ever more loudly. A detour into mental health challenges in the form of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that became more disruptive than I would have ever imagined and led to many tears shed behind closed doors.

I see former classmates moving up the corporate ladder, some becoming Vice Presidents or similar, a dream I never had for myself yet one that can sound so appealing as I start my own business, with the stops and starts that come up along the way.

I see friends and acquaintances becoming wives and mothers.

I hear the doubts and questions of the OCD playing games with my mind.

And it hits me like a knife in the heart. The loneliness. The uncertainty. The pain in wondering whether I will ever have this part of the dream I imagined. The feeling that I am so far behind where I thought I would be, should be, by now, mixed with wondering whether I will ever be able to catch up.

The emotional pain sends shockwaves through me with a longing so intense words cannot describe it.

And yet, at the same time, I look back and see blessing. I see the hand of G-d putting together the pieces of a puzzle so intricate that I can only see a brief glimpse of the masterpiece currently unfolding.

I see that I don’t have to catch up to anyone or anything; I am precisely where I need to be. I am meant to learn and grow, believing from deep within that as long as I have faith and put in my best effort, all will occur as it should.

I see love. I learn to deepen my faith and connect more deeply with the women around me. I see myself peeling back the layers of the person I thought I needed to be, should be. I learn to step away, bit by bit, from the feelings of needing to perfect, from worrying what people would think of me if they knew the ‘real’ me behind the smile, behind the mask.

I’ve learned to share more of who I am from my core, shining love and my essence on those around me.
And with time I come to realize: My purpose in this life is not to be a marketing executive for a large, multinational corporation. It’s not to be married by 25 or a mother before 30. It’s not to go through life without experiencing the challenge that is OCD.

My purpose is to accept what is, to see the Divine hand in my life, recommitting to and becoming ever more clear on my personal values and belief systems – and to help other women do so too.

My purpose is to shine light and love into the world, all while holding up a mirror to allow others to see the light and strength within themselves.

My purpose is to stop hiding behind fear and to start stepping forward in faith – and to stand beside you as you do the same.

If you are ready to get unstuck and to choose faith over fear, let’s talk! I invite you to email me at elizabeth@heartandsoulliving.com to set up a time to speak.

Reach out and we can begin. Reach out and start breaking free.






Working with Elizabeth has inspired me to be my best self. After each session I have a major take-away to reflect on and I gain more understanding about who I am and who I want to be. I’ve learned so much from the writing exercises and assignments. It’s not like keeping a diary; Elizabeth has coached me to articulate the voice of my soul. People often talk about feeling blocked or getting rid of barriers, but how does one do this? I believe Elizabeth has a gift. She listens so intently and her methods always focus on the possibility for positive change.  


I just had a special session with Elizabeth this morning.  In our brief time, she helped me to regain clarity on some things that were really bogging me down. She has such wonderful insight and is an amazing person! She gave me some immediate action steps for me to take to move forward! Thank you, Elizabeth!
Leslie Tyson – http://smartsolutions24-7.com  


I had a great call with Elizabeth.  She really opened my eyes to how much of my past I was holding onto inside that was impacting the quality of my life.  She made me feel comfortable opening up my true feelings.  Even though you might sugar coat it for yourself and your loved ones, Elizabeth makes you open up how you truly feel, no sugar added.  She allows you to dig deeper into what you are feeling to identify the root and the real issues stopping you for reaching your goals. She is super friendly and easy to talk to.  I felt no judgment or pressure from her, just a true caring, no judgment resource to help you reach your potential, and eliminate barriers you are creating to get the best possible out of your life!


This past December I participated in Elizabeth’s “Strength and Courage Challenge” conducted to help business owners get in touch with their inner wisdom and intuition, so they can courageously grow their business. Elizabeth’s exercises during this challenge were awesome and really helped me delve deep into my subconscious and peel away the layers and see what aspects were holding me back in my business.
During this challenge, I was also blessed to win a complimentary coaching call with Elizabeth. During the call we really tackled a specific action plan that I could apply immediately to grow my business to the next level. I highly recommend Elizabeth as a group or personal coach. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your gifts and wisdom!
Christina Nitschmann of SavvyCentralRadio.webs.com


Hi Elizabeth,
I just wanted to write you a short note of my appreciation of our sessions together.  What can I say, but express the fact that prior to us meeting I was a mess.  I felt as if I was in a never ending “fog” with no sense of hope and/or options.  However, through our work together thus far, I am progressively gaining greater insight and understanding that the “foggy” sensation is not a figment of my imagination, but an end result of many actual circumstances.
With the insightful questions that you often give me to ponder and strategies (particularly centering) until we next met, lately I often find myself analysing the situations, breaking them down into smaller components, prioritizing them, and slowly beginning to filter out the non-essential ones; hence, being able to reach some form of solution or learning to accept those that have no solutions and not feel as threatened.  
I am feeling calmer and not as overwhelmed.  I am also starting to see some light and feel I have some options.  For the first time in six years, I had a fortunate moment of experiencing what “just being” and “being content” was about again.  I will forever treasure that moment, as it serves as a reminder of what it can be again and what is yet to come.  Thank you.


Linda E.


Working with Elizabeth has been one of the best gifts I could give myself. Her clear, calm, and concise guidance has helped me stay on a path that has benefitted my life situation. Her objective insight has reminded me of beneficial things in my life that I had forgotten about or stopped working on because I thought they were silly or impossible to complete. Elizabeth has a wonderful way of speaking that wraps you in a hug (over the phone, through her voice, and intention for you) that makes you feel empowered and confident.

The empowerment and confidence I feel after speaking with Elizabeth is one of the BIGGEST benefits of our discussions. I always thought I was a pretty confident person, but as I am creating my own business and working with new people I have found that I question myself a lot more. Having Elizabeth on speed dial helps me know that I have the extra support I need to get through some of the difficult decisions that come up. The added confidence I get from speaking through the issues and getting feedback has helped me gain enormous clarity and peace of mind.

I also find that I don’t settle quite as easily as I used to on business and personal issues. I now consider multiple options and then compare my choices in “light” of what my intention and core beliefs are. As long as the decision is in-line with my personal feelings and values then I know the decision I am making is the right one. Elizabeth helped me figure this out and taught me how to check this part of my thought process so I am more confident with the choices I make – both professional and personal.

Elizabeth has been a welcome change to my busy, chaotic, not always moving forward in the way I wanted life .  I am so glad I had the chance to work with her. My life is drastically different today, and I can trace it back to the day I decided to work with Elizabeth.

~ Samantha M.
San Francisco, CA